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We are a coalition of nonprofits, community advocates and people like you who are working to address the rise in homelessness by improving housing policies and creating affordable housing. We’re bridging the gap between aspiration and meaningful impact.

Legislative Agenda

A new citizen-led housing initiative

High housing costs are the biggest cause of homelessness in LA County. Investing in affordable housing can change that.

Introducing a community-driven ballot measure to create more affordable housing and provide mental health and substance use services to thousands of vulnerable people—all with built-in accountability and public oversight to ensure every dollar is spent effectively. It’s time to take citizen control of this growing problem.

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Our Priorities

LA County’s Future is Clear

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Demand more for your community

Over 400,000 Angelenos have signed in support of the affordable housing and homelessness prevention LA County needs. Join them.

No one should have to choose between paying rent and buying groceries—or go without critical health services. We’re calling on our leaders to expand affordable housing, rental subsidies, mental health and addiction treatment, and more—with public oversight that keeps communities in control.

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